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Construction Contract Agreement

This construction contract is made (date) between (name) of (address) hereafter called “the Owner” and (name) of (business name) (business address) hereafter referred to as “the Contractor” The Owner and the Contractor agree to the following:

1. Building Site

1.1 The Contractor agrees to provide all labor required to complete the building as described in this construction contract.

1.2 The Contractor agrees to provide all materials required to erect or remodel a (description of construction) on the following property (address & attach legal description).

1.3 The Owner assures he/she/they own the property with no liens or encumbrances on the property.

2. The Plans

2.1 Per this contract, the Contractor agrees to build the aforementioned structure according to the specs, and plans agreed to in this construction contract.

2.2 The Contractor will not be required to complete additional work outside of this construction contract including painting, sewer systems, landscaping, patios, steps, driveways, walkways or grading unless otherwise stipulated in the construction plans.

3. Payment

3.1 The Owner agrees to pay (amount) to contractor for the completion of the construction as set out in the contract.

3.2 The Owner agrees to pay the Contractor a retainer of (amount) prior to the commencement of construction.

3.3 Additional payment will be made in the construction contracts in installments in accordance with the payment agreement set forth by the Contractor and Owner.

3.1 Should an installment not be paid within (number) days after the due date the contractor has the right to stop work until payment is made and the funds have been verified and cleared.

3.2 Should the Owner cease making payments, the Contractor has the right to seek legal action against the Owner.

2. Site Preparation

5.1 Per this construction contract the Owner shall ensure there is a cleared area so the building site is accessible to the Contractor and all of the equipment.

5.2 The Owner also ensures the construction site is properly zoned and excavated for the construction and the boundaries of the property identified by stakes. The Contractor agrees to prep the site for the Owner for an construction contracts.

5.3 Should the contractor be unable to obtain permits for construction within 30 days of this signed construction contract, the Contractor has the right to deem this agreement null and void.

6. Utilities

6.1 In order for construction to begin and continue the Owner shall ensure a

6.2 As per this construction contract the Owner will also ensure electricity and water access as well as at least one 220 amp outlets.

6.3 The Owner agrees to connect gas, oil, electrical and water to the new construction prior to the addition to the walls and subject to proper inspections. The Contractor will add utilities for an extra fee as agreed to in the addendum to these construction contracts.

3. Completion

6.1 The Owner will not take possession of the completed construction until all payments have been made.

6.2 Should the owner occupy the new building site prior to completion of the construction contract, the Contractor shall assume the Owner has decided the construction is complete and satisfactory to the Owner.

Owner ______________________ Date______________

Contractor_____________ of (company)______________ Date_____________

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