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Residential Lease Agreement

1. ABOUT THE PREMISE: This Residential Lease Agreement was agreed upon on _____20____ by and between ______, hereby referred to as the “Landlord”, whose address is ________, and _______, hereby referred to as the “Tenant”, whose address is____________. In accordance with the mutual consent between the Landlord and the Tenant, and with subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement, the Landlord rents to the Tenant the premises located at __________. The Tenant hereby acknowledges to have leased the said premises from the Landlord. The premises shall be used for residential purposes only, and will be occupied by _________number of people. Besides the furniture and personal property in the premises, this Residential Lease Agreement enables the Tenant to use the areas known to be common to all Tenants.

2. TENANCY PERIOD: This Residential Lease Agreement will commence on _________, 20____ and will continue until _____20___on the same terms and conditions as agreed upon in this agreement. As in all Residential Lease Agreements, a 30 day prior written notice is to be provided by either party in case of any of them wanting to terminate the Lease.

3. RENT PAYMENT: The Tenant shall pay a rent amount of _______ to the Landlord every month. This is to be paid in advance on the first day of each month, and will be accepted as rental charges for the previous month. The amount is to be paid by personal check, cashier’s check or money order only, and must be addressed to the Landlord at __________.

4. SECURITY DEPOSIT: Adhering to the Residential Lease Agreements of the state, the Tenant shall pay to Landlord an amount of _________as security deposit. This amount as in all Residential Lease Agreements can be used by the Landlord to clean or repair any damage to the premises caused by the Tenant, upon termination of the contract. The deposit however cannot be applied towards the payment of rent by the Tenant. The money will be returned to the Tenant upon termination of this Lease if the Tenant has fulfilled all his / her obligations in regards to the payment of rent.

5. LATE FEES & OTHER CHARGES: If the Tenant fails to pay the accepted amount of rent of ________by _________, the tenant shall pay to the Landlord a late fee of _________. If any rent cheque handed over by the Tenant to the Landlord returns due to any reason, two of them being insufficient funds, or “stop payment”, the Tenant agrees to pay a fee charge of ___________ to the Landlord.

6. NOISE AND MAINTENANCE: The Tenant, as is the case in all Residential Lease Agreements, agrees to comply with all laws pertaining to the state of ______. The Tenant shall not make or allow too much noise in or around the premises, thereby causing disturbances to neighbors. The Tenant agrees to safeguard all the properties within the premises and keep the premises and surroundings clean and hygienic at all times.

7. REPAIRS, MODIFICATION: The Residential Lease Agreements of the state of _______demand that the Tenant does not make any modification or alterations within the premises without obtaining written permission from the Landlord.

8. GAINING OWNERSHIP: If the Landlord, due to some reason is unable to hand over the premises to the Tenant within 30 days of the commencement of this Residential Lease Agreement, either the Landlord or the Tenant may choose to terminate this Lease. In this case, all payments made will be returned to the Tenant and any obligations will no longer be applicable. The Landlord will not be held responsible for any delay or failure to deliver the premises.

9. PARKING FACILITIES: The space allotted to the Tenant at the parking lot can be used to park his/her vehicle.

10. ACCESS TO THE LANDLORD: The Landlord or his agents may enter the premises by informing the Tenant beforehand to conduct inspection, do necessary repair work, and also to show the premises to prospective buyers or Tenants.

This is a legal document that binds together both the Landlord and the Tenant. Any modification in the Residential Lease Agreement requires a written consent and must be duly signed by all parties. One copy of the signed Lease will remain with the Landlord, and one will stay with the Tenant.

Executed under seal in the presence of:



STATE OF _____________________



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