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Renters Agreement

The Participants in this Renters Agreement of Property include the Landlord (name, address, mailing address) and the Tenant (name, address, mailing address). The Tenants addition household members include (names and relationship to Tenant)

1. The Property

1.1 The property is located at (address) and consists of (number) of buildings, the following improvements (list) and the grounds (describe).

2. Lease Term

2.1 The lease period shall begin on (number) day of (year) and shall end at midnight on (number) day of (year).

2.2 The lease in this Renters Agreement will be renewed automatically from month to month under the conditions of this Rent Agreement.

2.3 When the lease is finished either party must provide intent not to renew in writing at least one month prior to the termination date.

3 Rent

3.1 The rental per month for this property is (number) (put in words).

3.2 The rent includes taxes for the Property as per local government.

3.3 The rent will increase yearly at a rate of (number) % of the rent of the previous year.

3.4 The rent shall be paid in advance for the current month on or before the first day of that month and sent to the landlord at the following address (address) or deposited into the following account (account #) and (name) Bank.

3.5 Should the rent be delayed (number) of days a late fee of (amount) will be charged to the tenant.

3.6 Any checks returned for insufficient funds will incur a surcharge of (amount) payable to the Landlord.

3.7 If payment has not been received as per this Renters Agreement the Landlord shall have the right to request compliance within 14 days of the collection notice. Should the tenant fail to pay the rent within this allotted time the Landlord has the right to cancel Renters Agreements yet still retain the right to collect payment.

3.8 Should the Tenant refuse to leave the property upon notice of termination of the Rent Agreement, the landlord has the right to eviction proceedings.

3.9 There will be no rent reduction while the landlord is making property repairs.

4. Additional Expenses

4.1 The Tenant assumes total responsibility for payment of electricity or gas, water, sewer and or garbage removal fees.

4.2 The Tenant will be responsible for any legal costs of the Landlord as a result of steps taken to enforce the Renters Agreement.

5. Deposit

5.1 The Tenant agrees to pay a deposit in the amount of (amount). This deposit will used at the termination of the Agreement to pay for any damages incurred by the Tenant. Any balance will be refunded within 30 days of the expiration of this Renters Agreement.

5.2 The Tenant will not withhold the final month’s rental payment to set off against the deposit.

6. Tenant Duties

6.1 The Tenant agrees the property is suitable for habitation.

6.2 The Tenant agrees the property is in a good repair and all appliances and locks are in satisfactory working order.

6.3 The Tenant agrees to inform the Landlord within 7 days of occupancy of any defects in structure of installation of appliances.

6.4 The Tenant agrees to permit the Landlord access to the property during reasonable hours with prior notice.

6.5 The Tenant agrees to care for the property and return it in the same working order it was received at the beginning of this Rent Agreement or be liable to pay for any damages.

6.6 The Tenant will not remodel, alter the structure, paint, or put hooks or nails into walls and doors with written permission from the Landlord.

6.7 The Tenant concurs that any changes or improvements made by the Tenant become the property of the Landlord upon termination of Renters Agreements.

6.7 The Tenant will keep no pets without Landlord’s written agreement.

We, the undersigned concur with the terms of this Renters Agreement on (date)

Landlord Tenant

_____________________ _______________________

Authorized Signature Authorized Signature

_____________________ ________________________

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